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High Maintenance!

As our autumnal days become increasingly wintery, our days ever shorter and as we yet again spend more time at home during Lockdown 2.0, we wanted to remind our lovely clients of the importance of maintenance for your exterior lighting projects. The inclement winter weather can often mean more wear and tear on your outdoor lighting equipment and there is no better time to make sure your designs are being used to their full effect with darkness descending on us by late afternoon. Well-lit outdoor areas also provide a sense of security around properties and can deter potential intruders. And it’s not just residential projects that benefit from a maintenance visit from us; it’s the larger scale commercial projects, too.

They say that prevention is the best cure and this could not be more apt for exterior lighting. Sometimes, only simple maintenance is needed to ensure the longevity of your products– refocusing and clearing debris or water from fittings, for example. Other times, our experienced specialists may need to attend to cabling or other issues that may be affecting the installation. If further work is required, we provide clients with a full report along with recommendations and a quotation for repairs.

We tailor maintenance visits and packages for individual projects but prices start at £175.00. We always recommend that our clients take out maintenance packages with us on completion of a Wishbone project, but we are also happy to offer maintenance and upgrades on clients' existing works.

In line with the most recent Government advice, Wishbone continues to go to work in a COVID-secure way and we are currently still taking bookings for the coming weeks. Please give us a call to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

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