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Looking after your beautiful lighting installation is made easy with our maintenance agreements. We offer aftercare services for our own installations and for any other existing project.   We help care for your exterior lighting through all seasons, guaranteeing service satisfaction and longevity of our work. 

How our maintenance agreements work

Wishbone exterior lighting maintenance
Branton Wishbon Exterir Lighting

How it works

Contact us to arrange a suitable time and day for a visit and one of our experienced engineers will visit your property.

A full inspection will be carried out and if we discover any issues we always endeavour to repair them on the initial visit

A maintenance visit will include:
- Re-focusing and clearing debris or water from existing fittings

- Attending to cabling and any other issues which may affect the installation 

- Labour for a visual inspection

- A full report detailing all findings, along with recommendations and a quotation to repair or upgrade your existing system

- A follow up within 7 days of our visit, if deemed necessary
Bi Annual Maintenance Visit:
We contact you twice a year, just before the clocks change to arrange your next maintenance visit.


Maintenance visits start from £175

Please contact us for a quote

How it works
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